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Our Locations

Midtown (UF/Gainesville; See Map)

Downtown (See Map)

Royal Park Plaza (See Map)

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  • 500 3rd Street North

Our Story

At Relish, we are all about living the dream that is basking in balmy sunlight on an ocean paradise, a fresh burger in one hand and a cold beer in the other. While other restaurants may tempt the public to fantasize with similar dreams, the version that Relish presents is different. At Relish, that burger in your hand is not only fresh, it is the ideal burger that meets your individual tastes because you made it yourself, all without lifting a finger. See, it wouldn’t be a good dream if you had to do the work, and that belief is what launched the Relish adventure.

Relish is a better burger restaurant, but just like your personal ultimate burger, it is a combination of all the best trade ideas and techniques. The most defining feature of Relish is customization: the opportunity for you to create a burger that is exactly how you want it. Of course, our talented, considerate burger architects will be handling the actual cooking, but you’ll be calling all the shots. Relish allows you to build your own burger with whatever combination of our forty fresh, natural ingredients you can conceptualize. The options are quite honestly endless, so you can customize to your heart’s content, not having to settle until you sink your teeth into the burger of your dreams.


Our History

Relish has been refining the art of the burger since opening in early 2009, after owner Rob Roche unleashed a whirlwind revamp on the smoothie shop positioned between a Pita Pit and beer bar that he owned. A self-made, visionary yet industrious import from Canada, Roche came to America in 2002 and started taking risks in the restaurant industry that really paid off. He eventually branched off from the known in the culinary world to create his own blend of the best qualities that he saw in other food service superstars. With the hopes of one day standing with them at the franchise level, Roche constructed the first Relish with his own two hands in eleven days, and he has since opened two more (but, he had help with those).

Roche has modified several admirable businesses practices and made them better, such as starting with good components. Relish uses only the finest natural food products, like certified Angus beef, a variety of original sauces and relishes made in-house, and vegetables from American gardens picked yesterday. Oh, and remember that beer you have in your hand? Beer from Relish is on tap, cold craft beer that comes from the best breweries around Florida and around the world.

Our Promise

eat-burger-gainesville-relishRelish also does friendly better than those burger-from-a-box places. At Relish, we will not only ask for your name, remember your name, and address you by name, but when you come back, we will use your name to recall your order and be ready to recreate that same burger magic you were craving again. Our goal is to soak in the Gainesville community like the sweet Florida sun and share the love.

So if you want the same old, same old, someone-else-decided-what-kind-of-burger-you-should-eat dining experience, then don’t come to Relish. Here, the vibe is chill, the music is playing, the surf is sliding off the beach, the people are fun, and your burger always meets your exact specifications. It is perfectly fresh and perfectly yours.

Relish: Relish your food. Relish your life.