Map Pin for Relish Burgers in Gainesville, FL

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  • 500 3rd Street North

Pablo C.

It’s burger heaven. Just don’t order your normal burger. Replace ketchup with tomato relish. Replace pickles with grilled pineapples and mushrooms. Hell, there’s peanut butter for your burger if you’re feeling jazzy. Plus it’s open late – what more could you want!

Aniruddha S.

Awesome. Just awesome. I’ve been coming here for a year, and they never disappoint. These burgers are the best I’ve had in Gainesville, and among the best burgers I’ve had even considering Austin and LA.
Make sure you get a lot of sauces! Also, the cheddar fries are a must.

Danny M.

I’ve actually contacted Yelp to see if I can give Relish more than 5 stars. I’d give it a million if I could. Sadly, no call back yet.

Justin K.

There simply isn’t enough stars I can give this place, absolutely one of my new all-time favorite places EVER to eat!!!

Jeff B.

Delicious.  Fresh jalapeño, many sauces to choose from (I picked mango habanero), and  Cajun spice shakers for your fries, Fantastic!

Parker E.

Loved the shakers of flavor for the fries.  Soooo many options for dressing your burger that it can take a while to choose, but your burger is grilled to order by then, no waiting. Soooo delicious. New favorite burger joint.

Drew A.

Probably my favorite place to eat in downtown Gainesville. It’s like Subway for Freshly Grilled Burgers and Fries. I don’t know why a national chain hasn’t already thought of this. Food tastes amazing, and is reasonably priced.

Mary S.

First Relish I ever went to and it got me hooked on their delicious burgers. The ambiance is perfect and it is in a great location downtown. Staff is very friendly as well.

Ramses P.

The burgers here are delicious. Best way to describe this place is the subway/chipotle of burgers. You order your patty, drinks and fries then load up the toppings. The guy next to me ordered peanut butter on his, I had a wild salmon burger with garlic mayo. Washed this down with a craft beer. Being from California and trying many burger shops I really expected the same. I really love this place, wish they would expand to west coast!